Martial artists at the olympicsWelcome to the Martial Arts Olympics  “East-West Open”.

This is the 17th year for this extraordinary event which began as the International Martial Arts Festivals ‘Free Russia’. This 3-day event has grown to attract over 7,000 competitors from more than 45 countries. As a result, in 2007 the Russian Government and Festival organizers transformed this sports holiday into the Martial Arts Olympics “East-West Open”.

Competing at the East West OpenThe East-West Open is open to all styles, ages and ranks. For the last seventeen years, martial artists have been inspired by the cultural exchange that only an international event of this magnitude can provide. This is a rare opportunity to compete ... READ MORE >

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Scott Wu
Born in October of 1983 in Portland, Oregon and raised in San Francisco, Scott has been training in the art of Renshinkan Shorinji-Ryu Okinawa-Te since 1995. He started competing in 1997 and was raised... READ MORE >

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